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Python @ Hard Rock Cafe vol.4

Here we are again, getting ready for another round of Python centered content @ Hard Rock Café Brussels. Going in for round four already, we’ll be providing you with a combination of typical Hard Rock food & drinks & a presentation. Join us on Tuesday the 6h of March, but be quick to subscribe (our previous edition was fully booked weeks before the actual event date).

Python Workshop

Afternoon workshop at the Adimian HQ. Join us for an interactive small group session aimed towards Python newcomers.

During this introductive workshop, we’ll be focussing on setting up your environment & the fundamentals.


FOSDEM is a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software. Taking place in the beautiful city of Brussels (Belgium), FOSDEM is widely recognised as the best such conference in Europe.

The event is a free and non-commercial event organised by the community for the community. The goal is to provide free and open source software developers and communities a place to meet.

Create your website with Flask

During one evening, we will see how to create a website from scratch with Flask.

Flask is a micro-framework for Python, with no ORM, or other stuffs, but I will show you how to create a database and a simple web interface for your business.

Please, come with your laptop and Linux or OSX. You can come with Windows, but we don't have a good experience with Python on Windows.

Python@FOSDEM 2017

Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability, and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than would be possible in other languages. The language provides constructs intended to make clear programs possible on both a small and large scale.

This developer room is a good occasion to discover the Python ecosystem and meet the community around this language.

Python Meetup

We’re back for another evening of Python filled content & networking. As per usual, we’ll be gathering up at Hard Rock Café Brussels.

Python in Education

The next generation of Pythonistas

Over the recent years, Python has evolved from being a background player to a well known & used language within the educational landscape. Today, multiple universities are using Python as a building block for IT & scientific related courses. For example, Python is the main programming language for IT students at the University of Ghent. At the VUB, Python is being used as the main language for the course ‘Introduction to Computer Science”, lectured to students in their Science department. KU Leuven on the other hand is using Python throughout multiple courses (Python as a second language, Data analysis with Python, Computer vision with R & Python, etc.)

Needless to say, today is a great time to start an education when aiming to learn more about the language. Follow the links below to be directed to each institution’s offerings.

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They are using Python

Who make it possible!

Python is being used by both small & large-scale companies in Belgium. Big international companies are using Python as a catalyst for their internal tools.

Next to internal usage, there are a plethora of players on the market using Python to develop their go-to-market-products.

Finally, the largest group, are Python-based consultancy companies, from scientific computing to web development.

You are part of the Python community and operate in Belgium ? Get in touch with us to get added to our list (to come) of belgian Python partners & increase your visibility through python.be